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About us

TUTORE is a sophisticated yet approachable Italian-centric cooking school located at 2755 W. Belmont Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Our goal is to offer you a superior instructional experience.

TUTORE is founded and operated by Dean Zanella and James De Marte, who collectively have over 75 years of experience in the restaurant, catering, and event planning industries. The instructional staff also includes James’ former Executive Pastry Chef Mollie Mettelka.

We will delight in serving our patrons looking for a familiar, friendly, and sophisticated locale - where consistency, service, and value reign supreme. We aim to act as a destination for students from outlying areas in search of a concept unheard of in Chicago.

You no longer have to hop on an airplane to experience the rusticity and sophistication of a particular school. You now have instant access to it in your own backyard.

TUTORE is a place where you will get the best possible version of every offering.

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Tutore Italian Cooking School

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