5 wellness team building ideas in Chicago (2024)

We've curated 5 ideas in Chicago to incorporate into your wellness program
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When a team member is not doing well, it doesn’t affect only their job. It affects the entire team. Thriving employees are 69% less likely to look for another job and 3 times more likely to be engaged at work.

To support their team members, leaders look across 5 major elements:

  • Career
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Community

We have compiled ideas to help teams build their social and community connections. All team-building activities on our list will create a safe and fun space for your team to build bonds.

Candle Making Workshop Chicago

Unleash your inner artisan in this calming candle-making workshop. Learn about the intricate process, from selecting the right wick to infusing fragrances, and mold your own unique candles. By the end, you'll have a beautifully crafted candle to light up your space and elevate your mood.

An instructor teaching a group how to make candles from scratch
🏷️ Price: $
 per person
👪 Capacity: up to 
➡️ See more details and book here

World's Dumplings Chicago

"Dumplings are delightful things, born of thrift and culinary ingenuity, that can easily be eaten in a few bites.” Many cuisines include a variation on dumplings - Empanadas, Spring Rolls, and Potstickers - just to name a few. Join us and you'll learn how to create some of our favorite ""out of this world"" dumplings!

What's on the Menu?

  • Mexico: Chorizo and Cheese Empanadas with Chipotle Dipping Sauce
  • China: Pork and Vegetable Potstickers with Dipping Sauce
  • Greece: Spanakopita Triangles with Tzatziki Sauce
  • Thailand: Thai Crispy Spring Rolls (Chicken)

What to Expect?

The class begins with some prep work followed by our chef leading the group through the recipes while leaving a little room for some laughs and socializing along the way.

What skills will be Covered?

Making, shaping and rolling numerous dough's. Knife skills, working with spices. Working with vegetables. Deep frying, baking and pan frying techniques. Making 3 types of dipping sauces.

When will we Eat?

It takes time to make a great meal and in general it will take 2 to 2.5 hours for the food to be served.

Can we bring something to Drink?

Absolutely, our classes are BYOB!
*Please remember the more you drink, the less you'll learn...

A team posing with dumplings they just learnt how to make at a Spaciously corporate event
🏷️ Price: $
 per person
👪 Capacity: up to 
➡️ See more details and book here

Terrarium Workshop Chicago

Build your own terrarium and bring a slice of nature indoors in this DIY class in Chicago!

If you're looking for a fun DIY project, try a terrarium building class in Chicago. Even if you weren't born with a green thumb, you can still succeed with a terrarium!

In this craft class, you will learn how to design your own miniature garden. Your DIY terrarium will include a beautiful concrete-like container, a variety of gorgeous succulents, and adorable decorations that will add a personal touch.

You will all leave with your personal terrariums to add a touch of green to your home decor or office space.

Please Note

  • Private events for up to 20 guests in our studio. Mobile offsite events up to 40 guests.
  • For mobile workshops there is a travel/service fee of $100, which will be added to the booking after the initial payment is received.
  • Teacher can accommodate groups of up to 40 guests via mobile offsite events. Please use the Contact button below to inquire about availability.
Perfect for beginners!

What you'll get

  • 9 inch plant-fiber container (sage green color, oval shape) choice of 3 succulents
  • rocks and soil for proper drainage
  • plant accessories - rocks, marble crystals, moss, and pets handout and demo with plant care tips
Two women hold a terrarium they have built during a Spaciously team building event in Chicago
🏷️ Price: $
 per person
👪 Capacity: up to 
➡️ See more details and book here

Repotting 101 Workshop Chicago

As your plants wake from their winter slumber, spring is the perfect time to repot those ready for a larger pot or a soil refresh!

Students will learn the basics of repotting, like why, when, and how to repot. The class will end with a demonstration of repotting. Students may bring a small to medium plant in need of repotting to repot in our workshop area after class. Potting mix is available for an additional cost.

A pair of hands working on a plant at a team building event in Chicago
🏷️ Price: $
 per person
👪 Capacity: up to 
➡️ See more details and book here

Ceramics Workshop Chicago

Get creative with your group in this ceramics class in Chicago for teams!

Challenge yourselves to new heights and explore a fun skill together, at this small-studio clay workshop in Chicago. In this private ceramics experience, you can carve out some time to bond and try something new with your colleagues, family, or social squad while playing with clay! From wheel-throwing to free sculpting, the studio is yours to explore.

Celebrate the contributions of each member of your group, through artistic and skill-based exercises. Learn about the history and craft of ceramics and find connection and grounding through artistic play. Make individual souvenirs, collaborate on a communal piece, or design a series of collective items for fundraisers or other functions.

You'll be able to customize this class to fit your group as needed. Regardless, you will enjoy a rejuvenating day with your team, club, or other association and have a unique handmade item to take home with you!

Finished work will be available for pickup within four weeks of the session. The impact on your group will last forever!

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.

What you'll get
Handmade ceramics.

What to bring
Claywork can be dusty and some materials stain; please dress appropriately.

A woman builds pottery as a team building event in Chicago
🏷️ Price: $
 per person
👪 Capacity: up to 
➡️ See more details and book here


Team-building events are an important part of your wellness program. They can help with all five aspects of wellness and build community. We hope this guide helps you start your wellness program. All of these events can be booked on Spaciously in just one click.

Hanna is the co-founder of Spaciously, a team-building event company. A San Francisco resident, Hanna loves hiking, technology and behavioral sciences.