DIY tie dye fabrics with very colorful prints
DIY tie dye fabrics with very colorful prints
DIY tie dye fabrics with very colorful prints

Tie Dye Workshop

New York
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 per person

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Our experienced instructor will come to your designated location in Manhattan. We'll provide all the necessary tie dye materials and supplies for the event. We'll handle all the necessary logistics, including setup and cleanup, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Tie Dye Materials and Supplies

Vibrant assortment of tie dye colors, including primary and secondary colors. High-quality, pre-mixed tie dye solutions in easy-to-use squeeze bottles. Variety of rubber bands, gloves, and other necessary materials for creating unique tie dye designs.

Customizable White Apparel

Each participant will receive a plain, high-quality white t-shirt (or other apparel options as per your preference) to transform into a unique tie dye masterpiece. As a bonus - every participant will receive a pair of socks to tie dye

Expert Instruction:

Experienced tie dye instructor to guide and demonstrate various tie dye techniques. Step-by-step instructions on creating different patterns and styles, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the process. Staff will play a fun and exciting team building game with participantsm

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Tie Dye Workshop

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Tie Dye Workshop


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