The kimchi team-building instructor is holding a gigantic cabbage.
The kimchi team-building instructor is holding a gigantic cabbage.

Kimchi Making

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1074 Illinois St, San Francisco

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Kimchi is a fermented side dish that is the staple of korean cuisine. The most common types are napa cabbage and radish, though there are in fact many more kinds of kimchi made from various leafy greens or root vegetables.

Each batch of volcano kimchi is brined, and then fermented in room temperature for several days, depending on the weather. Some people prefer young kimchi that is less fermented. Others like it sour. The ideal time, imho, is between 2-3 weeks fermented.

Occasions this event works well for

We recommend this team-building experience for smaller teams who want to relax and try something new.

About the host

Aruna was born in South Korea, and grew up in a buddhist monastery where every meal included home-grown and locally-harvested vegetables, served in vibrant and nutritious ways. Some of her earliest memories are of sneaking away to steal bites of kimchi from the assortment of crock pots that lined the temple walls. Aruna came to San Francisco in 2001, and while San Francisco is now home, the memory of those flavors is as fresh today as it was then. This is the guiding inspiration she uses in preparing each batch of Volcano Kimchi.

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The kimchi team-building instructor is holding a gigantic cabbage.

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Kimchi Making

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