Team members creating individual fluid art paintings at tables using water-based acrylic paint, water, silicone, and glue.
Team members creating individual fluid art paintings at tables using water-based acrylic paint, water, silicone, and glue.

Fluid Art Experience

Los Angeles
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What you'll do

Awaken Your Artistic Spirit: A Two-Part Creative Journey

Unlock new depths of expression and teamwork through this dynamic artistic experience. Immerse yourselves in two distinct creative realms.

What to expect

Part 1: Zen Fluid Art

  • Create individual fluid art paintings at your tables
  • Use premium water-based acrylics, silicone, and glue
  • Find relaxation and focus in this meditative process
  • Enhance textures with a small torch for a striking finish

Part 2: Unleash Your Mural Muse
  • Collaborate on vibrant small-scale murals
  • Paint freely on the studio's walls and floors
  • Join forces for a bold, uninhibited team artistic display

What you need
  • All materials provided- paint, brushes, premium clothes protection
  • Each person receives a 16x20 canvas
  • For the best experience, arrive in high spirits and dress in clothing you're willing to get a bit painted - while we supply protective gear, vibrant artistry may leave some colorful marks that can't be removed

Leave with personal fluid art paintings and group mural memories. This unique team building event awakens imagination and bonding through the power of artistic self-expression!

Occasions this event works well for

We recommend this event for team building events of small and large groups.

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Team members creating individual fluid art paintings at tables using water-based acrylic paint, water, silicone, and glue.

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Fluid Art Experience

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